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Flexible, effective and affordable Skype German Classes in Switzerland: Learn German with Flexilingo German Courses!


Learn German from home or work with a private tutor!



Take as many online private classes as you want and learn when and where you want! 



You will learn much more during one private lesson than during one class based lesson!



Learn accent-free standard German OR opt for a Swiss German dialect course OR combine both!



Flexilingo offers the lowest prices for high quality German private classes in Switzerland!** 


Completely flexible: Online via Skype video call. You learn from home, your office or from any other place you like. Skype can be downloaded here for free. Appointments are selectable in consultation with your tutor. You will not loose time traveling in order to have your classes. If necessary it is possible to change your weekly schedule. Flexilingo offers private lessons which can be integrated flexibly in your daily routine. You can start your course anytime you want.


With your experienced private tutor, you will receive effective and individual online classes focused on your personal learning needs. You will discuss with your tutor your individual learning needs and put together specific learning objectives. You will follow an individual learning plan. We do not use a specific book (no additional cost for learning material), every student will receive individual learning material from the tutor. Private classes are the most effective learning method to learn German!

Choose from the following courses:





Experienced and friendly teachers from Switzerland or Germany will teach you a kind of Standard German you can use in all German speaking countries. If you wish you can also book additional Swiss German classes during which you will  learn the most important Swiss German expressions! If you already speak German well, you can also do a pure Swiss German course (without standard German lessons). 



**Flexilingo offers great prices for high quality German private classes in Switzerland! Find a cheaper equal private lesson package from another language school (excluding private freelance teachers) in the Swiss market and we will offer you the same price. This only applies if you let us know before you register for your course and if the school offers the option to learn Swiss German with a Swiss teacher!

Prices & Packages

 Trial class:    10 CH / 45 min; Total 10 CHF Get to know your teacher​                           and experience a lesson. NO REGISTRATION FEE

10 classes:     49 CHF / 45min; Total  490 CHF Our flexibel standard                             package.  


30 classes:     33 CHF / 45min; Total  990 CHF Our long term package                           at a great price.


   A one-time registration fee of 75 CHF will be charged for all courses except the trial lesson. Free learning material is included. If you wish to learn with a book, you need to pay for it yourself. For certain courses, teacher will recommend certain books, however, you can always opt to study with free learning material. 


Flexilingo offers flexible and effective German classes tailored to your individual needs at the best price! We carefully select great German tutors for you.  

Learn accent-free German with German tutors from Germany or Switzerland during your regular classes! Receive Swiss German classes additionally from Swiss tutors!

Fully flexible private lessons. Conveniently learn from home or work via Skype (no travel!) in the most effective way: during private classes!

We offer high quality education at a great price. All teachers have teacher degrees and year long teaching experience. 

VidaLingua lists Flexilingo as one of the top 5 online german schools. Check it out.

Flexilingo is different


At least a bit! ;-)


Our Skype teachers and staff are located in Switzerland and around the world. They are Swiss or German. This mixture allows us to offer great prices due to lower salaries abroad and at the same time introduce you to Swiss culture and Swiss German dialect with our Swiss teachers. Example: You can combine Standard German lessons with a teacher from Germany and learn some additional Swiss German with a teacher from Switzerland. All at the same, attractive price. 


The internet offers great open source learning material. Our teachers select quality learning materials for you from there or recommend suitable books.

Flexilingo is an online language school. Our customer service per Email is efficient and quick! Contact us anytime at 

Thomas (Swiss, founder of Flexilingo) attended language courses in 5 foreign languages around the world. Result: Private lessons were by far the most effective way to learn a new language! Problem: They are extremely expensive in Switzerland (a typical price is 100 CHF per lesson). Answer:  Flexilingo! Thanks to our concept, we can offer quality lessons at 33 CHF and make private classes affordable for everyone.


We are a rather small, uncomplicated and friendly school. Just contact us if you have any questions! :-)

Thomas, Founder of Flexilingo

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